Wheelchair Sports & Dance.

Highlighting the abilities of Persons with Disabilities through demonstrations of wheelchair basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Rugby throughout India.

Rather than give people “a fish”, we would like to teach people “how to fish” so that they can do this on their own. We will hold a training/coaching clinic and demonstration, giving participants an opportunity to directly interact with our US delegates. We desire to assist disabled people in developing countries in improving their mental, physical and social strength through active involvement in wheelchair sports by providing modern, competitive sports chairs for them to use in an organized adaptive sports program.

It is our belief that through involvement in recreational and competitive sports, an individual will benefit not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and socially.

It is our belief that with active and regular involvement in an adaptive sports program, participants should see increased physical fitness and strength, a more positive and hopeful outlook regarding their lives, possibly an increase in physical and mental independence, greater social interaction (not only within the disabled community but within the general population), improved physical skills and  possibly a desire to compete at a National or International level, greater self-confidence, and of course more smiling and having FUN!

It is also our goal to draw media attention to the project/event: wheelchair donation, and the demonstration/coaching clinics. This project will not have a specific goal of targeting a particular segment of the disabled population. Rather, the project will try to ensure participation by any and all segments of the disabled population which may want to participate.

This includes persons with accident injuries (car, motorcycle, falls, diving, etc…), injuries sustained in military service, cerebral palsy, birth related disabilities, and medical mishaps and other disabilities. Put another way, we will strive to include the physically and other disabled community with “all-embracing” arms.

Our goal is to breaking down barriers, create more opportunities for PwD’s and help to build an inclusive society. This will help to show and create awareness that disabled athletes are just as capable as mainstream athletes and can compete to the best of their abilities.