The Ability People (TAP) minimize occurrence of  disability in Andhra Pradesh and increase independent  and productive life for persons with mobility disability especially for PwSCI.


Road Safety consciousness and Social Justice for persons with mobility disability.


  1. Inclusiveness: Communicate honestly and respectfully in our dealings with others
  2. Maintain Global Standard: Emphasis on the quality assurance to service provision.
  3. Moral Conciseness: Deal with the clients openly and respect their abilities.
  4. Service Oriented: Maintains quality and do the service to the needy people
  5. Transparency and Accountability: All the clients treat them equally in all the concerns.


1. Education: Knowledge, Experiences and good practices in Road Safety

2. Awareness : set up various communication channels (website, newsletter, online forum, social media) and organize meetings and conferences

3. Advocacy:  Working with Government and Non-Government partners to provide advocacy and promote public policy for improved Road Safety and implement Supreme Court Guidelines on Good Samaritan Policy

4. Rehabilitation: develop post -hospital rehabilitation centers, including sports, educational and vocational rehabilitation, for spinal cord patients throughout Andhra Pradesh , beginning in Visakhapatnam and across.

5. Empowering PwMD: promote an interdisciplinary approach to the selection, implementation and provide Assistive Technology Services to meet educational, vocational, transitional and independent living goals of individuals with disabilities.


Especially for PwSCI , we can create more confidence and less dependence on others.  Non-discrimination and equality between men and women – adequate training and counseling, and to affordable services and devices for disability-related needs.