We are pleased to introduce The Ability People (TAP), an Indian based road safety development organisation promotes Road Safety nationally. I’m Dilip Patro (M/47), Founder of The Ability People, Software Specialist and a road crash survivor in 1997 resulted in a serious spinal injury & left me as a quadriplegic (paralysed below the neck).

The Ability People (TAP) is a Non-Profit, Non-Government and Disable People’s Organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act, People with Disability Act and the National Trust (Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India).

TAP’s mission is to promote 3R’s (from prevention to rehabilitation) through Project Bhavishya on the following:–

  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Right to Emergency Care and
  • Rehabilitation for crash victims all over India
1. Road Safety Awareness:
The Ability People organises trainings, Seminars and Conferences on Road safety awareness Programme for the following:

  • School & College students.
  • Corporates, PSU, IT, ITES and other institutions.
  • Respective Govt. dept.
  • Road Transport Authority, Public transport Dept., Pvt. Carriers & drivers.
  • NGO's, DPO's, Non-Profit Organisation & Other's Working For Road Safety.
  • In addition we organise rallies, erection of posters and signboards.

2. Right to Emergency Care:
The Ability People has been working closely with the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh that is spearheading the revamp of road safety laws in India. Presently, we received orders from the District collector & Commissioner of Police on helping the road accident victims as well as instructions to all police stations and hospitals across the district of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh to ensure that the message gets to the last mile. TAP role in lobbying with the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh tirelessly for appropriate action in Andhra Pradesh on the following:

  • The Good Samaritan Guidelines must be widely disseminated to all police stations and hospitals across the district to ensure that the message gets to the last mile.
  • Awareness building of Good Samaritan Guidelines among general public, especially youth, must also be a part of the process.
  • Educating schools and colleges on road safety and first aid care to the road accident victims & CPR.
  • Displaying of Good Samaritan Guidelines in all police stations, accident prone zones, Bus station/stands, Railway stations, Schools and College premises and in the schools & colleges buses.
  • Including road safety and emergency care in the curriculum as compulsory subjects for all students.
  • Involving Road Transport Authority, Traffic Police Department, District Education officers and District Medical & Health Officers in collaboration.

3. Rehabilitation for crash victims:
TAP initiated Ability Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) for crash victims (Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries (PwSCI) and Other Orthopaedic Disabilities) in collaboration with GREATER VISAKHA MUNCIPAL CORPORATION (GVMC), Government of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, India to provide affordable/free services to the poor and needy. This center is first of its kind with operational objective of the ARC would be to provide the following services:

  • Equipped Physio-Occupational Therapy.
  • Assistive Device Unit. (Prosthetic & Orthotic and Adaptive Devices)
  • Assistive Technology Center for Disabled & Older people.
  • Professional Wheelchair Service Provision. (W/C, Tricycles and Supportive seating)
  • Providing Developmental Aids & Aplliances for Children with Special Needs
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Skill Training.
  • Wheelchair Sports & Dance.
  • Active Rehabilitation for PwDs.
  • Peer Counseling for Person with SCI.
  • Social Work & Community based Rehabilitation.
  • Skill Development & Vocational Training.
  • Ten In-patient Bed Facility.
  • Niramaya Health Insurance & Legal Guardian for National Trust Benefacaries.

ARC is the only model spinal rehab center as far as rehabilitation is concerned. Many features in ARC are installed based on the inputs from CMC, Vellore. ARC is a boon for the people in the region as we have equipped it appropriate technology, components, choices, human resources to address the need of people in right manner and in right time.

ARC provides services for active rehabilitation for persons with spinal cord injuries (prime focus) along with other forms of disabling conditions like amputees, post polio residual paralysis (PPRP), muscular dystrophy, children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, adults with strokes and other neurological disorders and others. The focus is persons with disabilities who are economically challenged and do not have proper access to such facilities. The active rehabilitation services are for those persons affected with spinal cord injuries who have completed their medical management. ARC initiated by TAP has well established rehabilitation support services now. ARC is strategically located in Vizag city which is well connected and could reach out to either directions.

ARC is the only center provides 10 in-patient unit for PwDS prolonged rehab and assistive device services. Our clinical staffs are qualified professionals certified by ISPO & RCI. We provide quality services and quality life for Persons with mobility disability in our center and reach out to the community for those who cannot afford to visit our center. There are many rehabilitation centre in the region but hardly any providing active rehabilitation and training to persons with spinal cord injuries in the entire region starting from east to south of the country.