Professional  Wheelchair Service Provision. (W/C, Tricycles and Supportive seating)

  • Seating and Wheeled Mobility:
  • Personal mobility systems:
  • Wheelchair seating and positioning:
    • Wheelchair/seating Assessment and Prescription
    • Wheelchair Fitting and Customization as per the client’s need
    • Wheelchair Trial, training and follow-up
  • Adaptive equipment design and fabrication:
    • Manufacture low tech equipments at the unit such as seat cushions, lap tray, sliding board, portable ramps, shower bench, toilet chair, etc.
    • Customization of commercially available assistive devices

Types of Wheelchair service provision:

  1. Standard Wheelchairs
  2. Indoor Wheelchairs
  3. Active Outdoor Wheelchairs
  4. Transfer Wheelchairs
  5. Supportive Seating wheelchair

Commode Wheelchairs

Before Ability Rehabilitation center

After Ability Rehabilitation center