No. Position Qualification Required Duties & Services both at the center & community level
1 Senior Physiotherapist /Occupational Therapist /Prosthetist and Orthotist Bachelor/ Master in Physiotherapist/ Occupational Therapist /Prosthetist and Orthotist 1 Management and administration, Coordination, monitoring, implementation, reporting, fund raising, drafting proposals, organising workshops periodically, continuous training programs
2 Physical Therapist / Occupational Therapist Bachelor of Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist 1 Conduct assessment, evaluations, manage therapy program.  Directly provides service to intermediate level wheelchair users.
3 Prosthetist and Orthotist Bachelor of

Prosthetist and Orthotist

1 Designing, fabricating and customization of technical devices
4 Lower Limb Orthotics/Prosthotics technologist (LLO/P) International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) 2 Assistive Device Unit- In-Charge. Assistance with mobility aids and therapy
5 Rehab Therapy Assistant CERTIFICATE IN REHABILITATION THERAPY (CRT) 1 Assisting physiotherapist and other clinical teams. Assistance for mobility aids and therapy.  Directly provides service to basic level wheelchair users.
6 Active Rehabilitation Consultant and Peer Counsellor Wheelchair User with PwSCI 1 Educates clients and families in techniques for coping with disability.  Manages peer support program.
7 Social Service Field Workers 10+2 or MSW

With PwDs

2 Awareness and advocacy programs with government and in the community.  Organizing service camps
Srl.NO. Name & Designation Professional Technical Qualifications and Address of the institution from which Acquired with date (s)
  1. 2. 4.
            1. Mr. Soikat Ghose Moulic,

Prosthetic & Orthotic

Technical (Rehab services & Product development)

Bachelor in Prosthetic & Orthotics from National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped (NIOH), KOLKOTTA
            2. Miss Archana Sahini

Prosthetic & Orthotic

Bachelor in Prosthetic & Orthotics from Swami Vivekanand National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research (SVNIRTAR), Cuttack, Odisha.
            3. Mr. P. Maruthi Bhavani Sankar,

Lower Limb Orthotist

Lower Limb Orthotics(LLO),

Certificate Course In  Prosthetics & Orthotics

Mobility India (Bangalore), ISPO CAT-II. Certified in WHO developed ‘Wheelchair Services Training Package – Basic Level’ (WHO-Basic) training programe.

            4. Mr. D. Vasu,

Lower Limb Prosthetist

Lower Limb Prosthetics,

Certificate Course In  Prosthetics & Orthotics

Mobility India (Bangalore), ISPO-CATII. Certified in WHO developed ‘Wheelchair Services Training Package – Basic Level’ (WHO-Basic) training programe.

            5. Mr. Rahul Reddy


Bachelor Of  Physiotherapy

Evaluate and recommend appropriate prosthetics and orthotics /wheelchair and Physical Therapist (PT)/ Occupational Therapist (OT), Clinical assessments/evaluations

            6. Miss B. Urvasi,



Rehab Therapy Assistant, CERTIFICATE IN REHABILITATION THERAPY (CRT) for 12 months Course. rehab therapy assistant by assisting physiotherapist and other clinical teams.


            7. Mrs V. Krishnaveni,

Front office Coordinator & Counselor

Coordinates all the programs and handles the front office and administration. Counsels to all the family members and the care givers and care takers.
            8. Mrs K. Sridevi,

Office Assistant

Handles petty cash book, Cheque books, daily bank updating, couriers and dispatches, Stationary requirement. Assist in arranging the official meetings and conferences, receiving the visitors and inform the concern employee. Answering the calls from Toll free service.
            9. Mr. Pradumna
          10. Mr. Y. Premkumar,

Off. Assistant.

        11.    < Mr. Krishna,

Helper and Office boy.

          12. Mr. Swaroop Reddy
          13. Mr. Kalyanam
          14. Rajubabu
          15. Achiamma
          16. Chaabi