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Welcome to the ability people !!

Greetings from “The Ability People”!!!

Independence is the nature’s primary gift to us.
May be it’s the best of gifts we receive from it
Man has done everything to get it in its fullest form
Some are still trying to know it
Some die for it.
We are those someone who are trying to get it,
Not because we don’t have basic needs,
Not because we don’t work as a slave for others
All because we are deprived by the same nature
Look friends,
We lost something, not everything.
All because
We have an attitude faster than legs,
A determination that doesn’t need shoes
And above all we are in a society to understand us.
Like freedom can only be obtained by joining hands
Join us, help us
And our enemy will be the weakest one every born.
After all life is all about finishing the race, even though
when we are hurt in one our limbs
To tell the world
the strength of the rest of the body..
it is us
it is the “The Ability People” (TAP)
About the Founder

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Eff ect of epidural stimulation of the lumbosacral spinal cord
on voluntary movement, standing, and assisted stepping
after motor complete paraplegia: a case study.....Click here

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Eenadu Local Telugu Newspaper, Dt.31-07-2011

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Proposed Visakha Rehab Center (VRC)

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