VIMS- Visakha Institute Of Medical Science & Technology

Phase 1: “ Assistive Device Center for All”

Presently, We are providing the following services:

  • Assistive Technology & Devices
  • Rehab aids & Appliances, Prosthetic & Orthotic (Callipers and artificial limbs), Developmental Aids & Appliances for children, Assistive Devices for Activities of Daily Living.
  • Wheelchair Service Provision
  • Adaptive device for palliative care
  • Seating and Positioning System
  • Home & worksite modifications
  • Environmental Control System
  • Computer Accessibility
  • Independent Driving.
  • Adaptive Transportation.
  • Assistive devices for sports.

WHY our services are UNIQUE?

  1. Trained Personnel
  2. All kind of technologies available as per the need
  3. Strong training by the clinical team
  4. Follow up
  5. Every individual is assessed and individual attention by the team
  6. We work on service model not in distribution / charity model.
  7. Focused post medical rehab training.
  8. Strong technical networking


We also have stocks on ready to use items from off the selves from:

Vissco Rehabilitation Aids- Vissco products for orthopedic appliances, fracture aids and mobility & Walking Aids..

Dynamic Techno Medical Products-  Off-the-self orthopaedic appliances under the brand name ”Dyna”

Flamingo Health care products – All kinds of pain or injury relief products.

Customisation, Repair, Service & Maintenance of all products, assisstive devices performed.