A road accident in 1997 in Mumbai resulted in a serious spinal injury & left me as a quadriplegic – paralysed waist below. Today, although physicallychallenged with less mobility, I use an active wheel chair and drives a four wheeler to move about outside that helps to fulfill his aspirations in establishing myself as an independent individual and move forward in life. I still work with my company and work from home. Passionate about providing other spinal cord injured with the training and resources I was received in order to regain my own independence. On that dreadful night, badly injured, I was left stranded without any help for 4 dark hours.
By-standers are mute spectators are unaware of emergency care to be provided and all are worried about police implication. At early dawn, I was rescued by police on duty and finally managed to get help and got transported to a nearby hospital. Due to unattended and mishandling I suffered from spinal injury, resulting neck down paralyzed. Thus TAP was conceptualised to provide Awareness on Project Bhavishya from Prevention to Rehabilitation starting in Visakhapatnam.

That is how we began..

I started a not for profit organisation “The Ability People” (TAP), by a group of spinal cord injury persons for the welfare of SCIP’s (Spinal Cord Injured Persons) especially road accident victims in the year 2007. On seeing our work & achievements the District Collector, Visakhapatnam  has provided a toll free service to avail their services and the Municipal Commissioner recently provided a complex near to Govt. General Hospital for rehabilitation services for road accident victims which is under renovation & yet to be inaugurated.

Planning to start national awareness campaigning on “Project Bhavishya:- Protecting lives on roads for better future” from prevention to rehabilitation on Road Safety, Right to Emergency care & Rehabilitation for accident victims on a four wheeler shortly. It’s an efforts to make the world’s roads safer, It was agreed that advocacy is one area in which such initiatives have generated momentum to save lives on the Indian roads. We started conducting awareness campaign in Schools & Colleges, Companies on Road Safety, Right to Emergency care with support from the traffic police & RTO.

The need of the hour is to focus on education of drivers. “We have observed that if a person is educated in traffic rules, the chances of him meeting with an accident become remote. We can improve the situation by inculcating right driving habits among young drivers. The training should start from childhood. We have seen students insisting on following rules when they are with their parents,”

The Idea Behind this workshop is to Create a Platform and Create an Atmosphere which Enables the People to Start Thinking of the Consequences. A Fraction of a Second or Split Second is good enough to Prevent an Accident. This message if explained to as many Road users as Possible can definitely save valuable lives. Idea Milestones To Bring Down the Accident Rate and see that People are sure that they return Home safely day after day, always and forever.