“An irrepressible yearning to confront the vicissitudes of life and ergo asseverate that one cannot be encapsulated even by the most dismal and intimidating situations in life and to vociferously proclaim that physical disability could never be a barrier to one’s mental and intellectual capabilities”. 

Ability to Give Hope & Choice to the lives of Crash Survivors

Esteemed Team,

My special greetings to you.

I ardently request your kind attention and compassionate understanding. I render my sincere apologies for this as it may take a little time off your hectic schedule. This letter of mine is a saga of my inner courage and testament of my love for excellence. I feel inspired to write to you and I fervently believe that you would kindly give me a patient hearing with your magnanimous heart. Please let me narrate an episode of my life which I even don’t want to remember but my physical condition reminds me of it every second.…… and not only to me even to my family members.

A road crash in 1997 in Mumbai resulted in a serious spinal injury & left me as a quadriplegic – paralysed waist below. Today, although physically challenged with less mobility, I use an active wheel chair and drives a four wheeler to move about outside that helps to fulfill my aspirations in establishing myself as an independent individual and move forward in life. I still work with my company and work from home. Passionate about providing rehabilitation to other spinal cord injured persons with the training and resources I have received for myself in order to regain my own independence.

It was on that dreadful night that I had met with a gruesome crash that was later going to alter my whole life. A two wheeler driven by a drunken driver hit me on my back while I’m crossing the road. The impact was so high, I was thrown to the other side of the road. I was unconscious and bleeding from my left ear, by seeing this rider ran away, left me alone lying on the road without giving any first aid in the golden hour.

I was badly injured, I was left stranded without any help for 4 dark hours. By-standers are mute spectators are unaware of emergency care to be provided and all are worried about police implication. At early dawn, I was rescued by police on duty and finally was transported to a nearby hospital. Being left unattended for many hours and mishandling while shifting from the crash spot to the ambulance, I suffered further injury to already injured spine , resulting neck down paralyzed.

As a result of the crash I was lost in coma continuously for two days after which I had gained consciousness and to my utter dismay realized that I was paralyzed. That was a point of time when the mental agony was so intense that I wanted to run not merely from circumstances but from my very own self. All my aspirations had come to a standstill. It had later taken me a lot of courage, determination and understanding to subdue the situation of my life and press on towards my goal. Although I’ve been battered, pummeled and bruised by fate from every possible direction I am determined to fight every battle with a courageous heart and move on undeterred towards my reconstructed dream. It could be true that this situation has proved to be intimidating to my physical capabilities but it has failed – Oh yes! – It has miserably failed to hamper my mental and intellectual capabilities. I am just as brilliant as I was before and want to be as stoic as possible and overcome all the barriers in my life. Thus TAP was conceptualised to provide awareness on Project Bhavishya from Prevention to Rehabilitation starting in Visakhapatnam. I started a not for profit organisation “The Ability People” (TAP), by a group of spinal cord injury persons to promote 3R’s (from prevention to rehabilitation) through “Project Bhavishya” in the year 2007 on the following:

  1. Road Safety Awareness,
  2. Right to Emergency Care and
  3. Rehabilitation for crash victims all over India


  • Mine is a life changing story which happened in a fraction of second and the whole world and life changed from that point of time, and i can share exactly how crashs happen and the extent of trauma that an crash victim has to surmount to be able to perform even mundane chores.
  • I can share with the world how i overcame my shortcomings – this could greatly help others.
  • My commitment to this cause is and will be paramount.
  • My experience in the last 19 years will be able to contribute holistic solutions.
  • My world can benefit from such international support and guidance such as yours.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,


Dedicated Immensely for Lifting Physically challenged Persons And To Rehabilitate Optimistically